Next Steps after Referee Class
Next Steps After Referee Class
MARCH 2014



1.  Study areas where you missed points on the test.


2.  Order a uniform.  You are responsible for your own equipment.  

I recommend getting two shirts red and yellow.  But at least Yellow.  Start out with Short sleeves.

www.challengerteamwear.com use Bid code IJ2MWP






Asby sports on white road, has a referee discount.

Soccer stars a meridian and Branham. 

Soccer Craze on Hamilton.

Sports Basement on Lawrence Expy


You should make sure to have flags, a whistle, red and yellow cards, game records(keep notes of all your games),  watch, black socks, black shorts(with pockets), black shoes, Red and Yellow  Referee shirts.


3.  Fill out and turn in a W-9.  Since the league pays you we need to have a tax form on file.http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf>

<http://www/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf> Please fill out and email or mail top sheet to


Mailing address:


Los Gatos United Soccer League

c/o Treasurer

15466 Los Gatos Blvd., #109

MB Box 168

Los Gatos, CA  95032




5. Join Yahoo <http://www.yahoo.com/>  Group for important information and updates!






6.  All payroll is done thru Refpay.  You must sign up for Refpay at Refpay.com.  You must link your Refpay and arbiter accounts in order to get paid.  Once your money is transffered into refpay you must login and transfer your money out. http://www.arbitersports.com/groups/files/refpayforofficials.pdf

7.   Assigning games is done atwww.arbitersports.com 

www.arbitersports.com>    You can choose the leagues you want to work for by using the following link.  





 You will not be able to self-assign games until you have mailed in the W-9.  In order to self-assign you must complete at least one unpaid training game. In order to self-assign you have to go to the Schedule page, then click on “Self-assign” tab and click search.  You will be shown a list of available games. Once you click on “Go” you are locked into the game. If you play on a LG team you will be able to attach yourself to them. If you are playing away or on an outside team please block times you are not available.  New referees generally get fewer games in spring.  Self-assign access is based on ability.  For some of the younger referees it is necessary to team you up with more experienced referees.  Please add your address (you don’t have to make it public to other referees) but your phone number should be available to contact you.  I would prefer that the youth referees log in with a parents e-mail.


It is important to check arbitersports.com often things change and games are very often added.


You cannot be unassign yourself from a game this must be done by me.

If you are not able to make a game please email me as soon as you know you have an issue.  I will find a replacement. Failure to do this may result in losing self assign privileges.


I reserve the right to Remove you from any game at anytime for any